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Dr. Geller

PhD, Masters, Honours Thesis Writing Assistance and Editor, Nursing Student Assistance, Undergraduate University Assistance, Canine Behaviourist, Assistance Dog Trainer and Assessor, Animal Assisted Therapy.

Dr. Geller is the Principal Owner of Nursing Tutoring Essentials and Nursing Essentially. She is a Dr. in Nursing (PhD: Psychiatric Risk Assessment & Management), a Registered Nurse, has completed Honors (First Class), Sociologist and a peer reviewer for four major journals and has been for the last 5 years. She was awarded an APA Scholarship to complete her doctoral studies, and tutors privately in enrolled, undergraduate and post graduate nursing topics Australia wide. Her specialty is PhD, Masters, Honours thesis writing support and editorial assistance across the world.

She is the Director, Canine Behaviourist, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Head Trainer of Canine Essentials with a nationally recognised dog behaviour and training qualification. She is runs owner trained Assistance Dogs Programs (fully insured). She is also the Principal owner and Senior Manager of Nursing Essentially  (fully insured).

Of particular interest to her is advocacy for health care issues such as the ethical aspects of patient admissions and need for holistic care, assistance animals as a treatment modality, legislative and policy adherence in relation to the use of assistance animals and protecting vulnerable groups in Australia. Her focus of research is in the area of dog-human relations in the context of health, concentrating on assistance animals and mental health. Current: National Police Clearance (includes working with children).

Recent Publications

Book Chapters

Geller, G. & Müller, A. (in draft), ‘Assistance dogs and academia: Supporting the dynamic duo: “The New World”’, in Disability and the university: A disabled students’ manifesto, 2nd ed. McMaster, C and Whitburn, B, Peter Lang, New York,.

Research output: Contribution to book › Chapter › editorial review

Geller, G. (2019), ‘Assistance dogs and academia: Supporting the dynamic duo’, in Disability and the university: A disabled students’ manifesto, McMaster, C and Whitburn, B, Peter Lang, New York, pp. 119-127.

Research output: Contribution to book › Chapter › editorial review

Geller, G. (2017), ‘Treading the tricky terrain of disclosure’, in Postgraduate study in Australia: Surviving and succeeding, McMaster, C, et al., Peter Lang, New York, pp. 171-178.

Research output: Contribution to book › Chapter › editorial review

Journal Publications

Pitts, J., Geller, G., & Müller. A, (in draft). What is the experience of carers administering subcutaneous medications to community palliative care patients? An integrative literature review.

Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › in draft

Steward, J., Geller, G., & Müller. A, (2022). Hyaluronidase use in aesthetic medicine: a review. Journal of Aesthetic Nursing11(1), 6-13.

Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › peer-review


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