Success in Nursing Research Project

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Success in Nursing Research Project

Nursing Essentially wants to know your thoughts, and in turn help nurses, academics and student nurses! Dr. Geller is leading this research project and is also published on the Nursing Tutoring Essentials website for further exposure. The aim is to gather and collate nurses, academics and student nurses’ perceptions on how one can further the nursing profession.

It’s all related to success!

  • How can student nurses succeed?
  • How can nurses help student nurses in a positive way to succeed?
  • What is the best advice nurse or students give to others to help success?
  • How can universities improve to ensure student success?
  • What things are being done “right” and where can improvements be made?

Other questions could be: “What advice would you give to student nurses in order to help them succeed”? “As a student nurse, I want preceptors to consider…”? “As a student nurse, my preceptor could help me succeed by doing the following…”

Nursing Essentially would like to conduct a thematic analysis of these responses and to publish these themes on the website. Participation in this project will be anonymous and all responses received will be de-identified.

Your input is very valuable! Email Dr. Geller with your responses (or use the Contact Form below) and she will gather the data and publish these themes to be used as a repository of great ideas and ways everyone can improve, enhance, progress the nursing profession and more importantly, improve client care!

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