Nursing Essentially

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Maximising your potential through individual attention by utilising unique and revolutionary methods.

Providing Therapeutic Services (Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapy), Academic Research Consultancy (including research assistance and editing manuscripts) and Coaching.

Never Give Up

Appointments available at

Goodwood Community Centre,

32-34 Rosa St.

Goodwood, South Australia 5034

Assistance Dog on site; Door locked after hours.


Our Focus

Nursing Essentially focuses on the provision of evidence based practice in healthcare and is highly skilled in research methodologies and methods. All services are based on the latest evidence available and aim to personify a culture of care.

Skilled Clinicians

Dr. Geller, the Principal Owner has a wealth of experience that has been gained both as a Dr. in Nursing (PhD: Psychiatric Risk Assessment & Management), Registered Nurse, through her research and work in mental health, teaching at a university level, nursing in intensive care and emergency departments, sociology, canine behavioural studies, professional development in a variety of interesting settings and life experience and is the Principal Owner of Nursing Tutoring Essentials and Director of Canine Essentials Pty. Ltd. Her focus is the development of resilience leaving clients feeling inspired to achieve greatness which then has a flow on effect to a variety of achievements that that they did not feel possible!

Her background is in emergency care, high dependency and intensive care nursing and formerly a Lecturer in Nursing at a large Australian university. Of particular interest to her is advocacy for health care issues such as the ethical aspects of patient admissions and need for holistic care, assistance animals as a treatment modality, legislative and policy adherence in relation to the use of assistance animals and protecting vulnerable groups in Australia. Her focus of research is in the area of dog-human relations in the context of health, concentrating on assistance animals and mental health. Current: National Police Clearance (includes working with children).

Culture of Care

Nursing Essentially is dedicated in its commitment in providing excellence in customer service. This is fulfilled by a team of educated professionals whose knowledge and expertise in their chosen industry will assist each client in meeting their requirements in a courteous respectful manner.

  • Each client’s needs will be treated with equal importance and we at Nursing Essentially will strive for flexibility in our communications with our clients in order to meet their needs.
  • Skilled Nursing Essentially staff will make every effort to fulfil a client´s requests using their knowledge of Nursing Essentially resources to fulfil requests in a reasonable time frame.
  • If anyone has a question about why Nursing Essentially has a policy or if the purpose of a policy is not understood, an explanation will either be provided at the time or referred on to the Director of Nursing Essentially.
  • It is the ultimate goal of Nursing Essentially to meet clients’ needs and expectations whilst abiding by our Mission, Philosophy, Code of Practice, Code of Ethics and associated Policies and Procedures. Any comments are welcome regarding how well those expectations are being met.


Nursing Essentially chooses to be treated as an organisation for the purposes of the Privacy Act and therefore subject to the Australian Privacy Principles and any relevant APP code. Proudly, Nursing Essentially has “opted in” and our Privacy Policy conforms to the Australian Government’s requirements. This signifies that Nursing Essentially, as a small business, is making a public commitment to good privacy practice. You can find Nursing Essentially listed under the Australian Government’s Office of the Australian Information Commissioner Opt-In Register here.

Services Overview

Nursing Essentially is committed to you, the client and academic, in reaching your full potential to achieve your  goals. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Nursing Essentially can help you in the following areas:

  • Therapy
    • Animal Assisted Therapy;
    • Acceptance Commitment Therapy;
      • All services are offered online, via messenger or in-person to suit your personal requirements.
  • Academic Consultancy Services
    • Thematic Analysis;
    • Systematic Reviews;
    • Transcript Analysis;
    • Sociological Critique;
    • Proof Reading;
    • Editing, and;
    • Formatting Manuscripts.
  • Statutory Declaration Service
    • Free witnessing of Statutory Declarations for all clients.
    • Must be signed in the office of Nursing Essentially.
  • Research
    • A list of ongoing research projects Nursing Essentially is currently involved with. Please click here to see if you are eligible and would like to participate, or, would like to read about these exciting projects.

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